Inakshi gastroholdingInna Popereshniuk and Yevhen Klopotenko

We open Ukraine through food!


Yevhen Klopotenko

Yevhen Klopotenko

  • Co-owner and brand chief of the Inakshi Gastro Group

  • Laureate of 50 NEXT – a list of professionals who are changing the future of gastronomy, from the international ranking of the world’s best restaurants The World’s 50 Best Restaurants (2021)

  • The author of the most popular culinary website in Ukraine

  • The author of numerous cookbooks, including 'Tempted by Food. 70 Recipes You’ll Want to Make', 'Tempted by Food with Ukrainian Flavors', 'Holiday Meals and Borscht and Accouterments'

  • Ideologist of the CultFood project which goal is to improve the nutrition culture

  • The initiator of including borscht in the UNESCO heritage list

  • Previously, our restaurants coexisted with all other projects quite autonomously. Although, the business is developing, and lots of new ideas and directions appear. It is like a tree that grows and becomes larger day by day. One of the first steps to success is to unite all branches – businesses – under one crown. We will be present wherever food is. This is a challenge for me — to try to change the whole food industry. I used to think that this could be done through YouTube, social networks, or books... But I realized it wasn't enough. As long as people do not eat quality food permanently, their preferences and habits will not change.

Inna Popereshniuk

Inna Popereshniuk

  • Co-owner of Inakshi Gastro Group

  • Co-founder of Nova Posta

  • Brand ambassador of New Run Kyiv marathon

  • Founder of the project for orphans Komanda Charivnykiv

  • She is the owner of such titles as Top-100 Influential Women of Ukraine according to Focus Magazine (2016) and Top-100 Successful Women of Ukraine according to New Time Magazine (2018)

  • The owner of the order Beregynya Ukrainy (Keeper of Ukraine), etc.

  • The gastro-group that we share with Yevhen will turn 6 years soon. It's hard work where we should keep in mind every smallest detail: every guest, every dish, every product collected on the farm, and, of course, every team member. We believe in the power of teamwork and creativity. I will always remember how we started. The restaurant 100 rokiv tomu vpered was our first project. It has became the basis for our holding. Today it is perhaps the most popular restaurant of high Ukrainian cuisine in Ukraine and, therefore, in the world. I'm proud of us! The secret of our success is in the brilliant tandem of an entrepreneur and a chef both of whom have a burning passion for Ukrainian cuisine. As we grow, we stay true to our values and ideas.

restaurant 100 rokiv tomu vpered

For years, our team has been studying recipes and cooking traditions that were used in Ukrainian cuisine for generations. We preserved these traditions of our ancestors and complemented them with some modern details.

Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"
Ресторан "100 років тому вперед"

Heart of Poltava region in Kyiv Poltava

Here it is - Poltava city in the historical center of Kyiv, on Arsenalna Street. During our expedition, it turned out that Poltava is literally one of the most culinary interesting regions of Ukraine. So, our bistro is a manifesto of this. This region is unique and really authentic. Together with the team, we have a big goal to create a modern gastronomical brand — Poltava.

бістро Полтава

bistro Inshi

Inshi is a bistro of everyday Ukrainian cuisine. We combine Ukrainian products both in traditional and modern ways.

The menu of Inshi is constantly changing except for the borscht that always remains there.

Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"

bar-farm Inshi

The farm and the bar work in symbiosis. The spirit of our farm can be found in every corner of the bar. This is what is special about Inshi - the presence of local Ukrainian products in every cocktail, in every drink.

бар-ферма Інші

franchise Іnshi-beetroot

Beetroot is the world's first franchise focused on casual Ukrainian dining in bistro format. We’ve created a franchise to make Ukrainian cuisine recognisable and known all over the world. We’re offering you the chance to use our founders’ expertise  in the field of Ukrainian gastronomy, their success in managing a network with a thousand variables and a hundred partners, and backed everything up with a powerful team.

бістро Полтава
With love and without stereotypes

project Kacha kasha

We cook the best Ukrainian everyday dishes for employees of large companies throughout Ukraine.

Євген Клопотенко

long-term storage meals Kulish

Kulish is the name of our project where we create long-term storage meals: for household supplies, hiking, fishing, or a simple office lunch. Apparently, you can even take it to the spaceship! All our meals are already prepared. You just need to warm them up! Every meal is cooked according to the recipe of chef Yevhen Klopotenko. There is a great variety of meals - we have borscht, kulish, and buckwheat porridge with mushrooms. Everything tastes just like at home, like your mother cooked it.


our team

СЕО Hanna Shvydka
Hanna Shvydka
HR Manager Valeriy Bulyk
HR manager
Valeriy Bulyk
Brand Bartender Mary Vindsor
Brand Bartender
Mary Vindsor
Marketing Manager of restaurant projects Olha Chasovska
Marketing Manager of restaurant projects
Olha Chasovska
Franchise development manager Oleksandra Makovetska
Franchise development manager
Oleksandra Makovetska