Everyday ukrainian cuisine bistro franchise from chef Yevhen Klopotenko and Nova Poshta co-founder Inna Popereshniuk

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Beetroot is the world's first franchise focused on casual Ukrainian dining in bistro format

We’ve created a franchise to make Ukrainian cuisine recognisable and known all over the world. We’re offering you the chance to use our founders’ expertise  in the field of Ukrainian gastronomy, their success in managing a network with a thousand variables and a hundred partners, and backed everything up with a powerful team.

* We choose Ukrainian cafe “Inshi” which is located in Lviv as a franchise foundation.

Yevhen Klopotenko

Yevhen Klopotenko
  • Ukraine’s most famous culinary expert

  • Laureate of 50 Next (an international list of trailblazing chefs from The World's 50 Best Restaurants guide.

  • Co-owner and brand chef of the restaurant 100 Rokiv Tomu Vpered, Inshi Bistro,  Inshi Bar and Poltava

  • The author of klopotenko.com, Ukraine’s most popular culinary website

  • Author of five cookbooks: 'Seduction by food. 70 recipes that you will want to make', 'Enticing food with Ukrainian taste', 'Holiday dishes', 'Ukrainian cuisine in 70 dishes', 'Borsch and to go with borsch'

  • Visionary behind the CultFood food culture improvement project

  • The initiator of adding borsch to the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage Elements and author of Ukraine’s application to have borsch recognised as part of UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage

Inna Popereshniuk

Inna Popereshniuk
  • Nova Poshta co-founder

  • 100 Rokiv Tomu Vpered, Inshi Bistro,  Inshi Bar and Poltava co-owner

  • Brand ambassador of New Run

  • Founder of charity project Team of Magicians.

  • One of Ukraine’s 100 most influential women according to Focus magazine

  • One of Ukraine’s 100 most successful women according to New Voice magazine

  • Recipient of the Berehynia of Ukraine award

What numbers you can get in your own bistro

  • starting 145 m² the space needed to open the bistro

  • $4 000+ average monthly net profit

  • >5 000 visitors per month on average

  • $12 average bistro bill per visitor

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What support can you expect from us?

Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"
Бістро "Інші"

Our goal is to build a professional team of franchisees all over the globe

We’ve been receiving dozens of applications daily from all parts of Ukraine and from abroad ever since we announced that we would be starting a franchise.

37 applications from potential partners in over 13 countries on the very same day we announced our franchise

hundreds of responses and messages from our social media followers who are already waiting for a casual Ukrainian bistro to open somewhere close to them

Key numbers

  • Average monthly profit starting from $45 900

  • Break-even point after 3 month

  • Monthly income starting from $4 000

  • The sum of investments in the opening (rent, repair, purchase of equipment, covering costs before breaking even, etc.) starting from $100 000

  • Lump-sum payment (one-time payment at the start of cooperation) $60 000

  • Monthly royalties 5%

  • Return on investment after 24-32 months

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Why choose «beetroot»?

  • Popular casual dining format

  • Reliable team with a good reputation

  • Attracts customers of all ages

  • Comfortable investing conditions

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