project Kachana kasha

We cook for employees:

Кохавинська папірня
Євген Клопотенко

We cook the best Ukrainian everyday dishes for employees of large companies throughout Ukraine: 

  • We prepare and deliver food to the workplace in several ways: freshly cooked in lunch boxes, with additional catering service, or as long-term storage meals Kulish (another project of ours)
  • We save your time: you don't have to search for a place to have lunch and wait for your order for a long time
  • We have a wide menu: you can choose among 100+ recipes from the famous chef Yevhen Klopotenko
  • We follow all food safety standards
  • We strengthen the reputation of the company: when a person eats quality food, s/he is happy, and when s/he is happy, s/he works better
Євген КлопотенкоЄвген Клопотенко


  • bograch

    Transcarpathian thick and spicy meat soup

  • Vilkivskyi soup

    fish broth with tomatoes and pepper

  • traditional borscht with meat

    red borscht with fried pork belly

  • Poltava borscht

    borscht with plum, slightly sweet

  • Odessa borscht

    borscht with fish, pickles, tomatoes and cabbage

  • tovchanka

    mashed potatoes with beans and poppy seeds

  • banosh

    corn porridge with fried mushrooms and onions

  • wheat with vegetables

    dish cooked as pilaf, but with whole wheat grains instead of rice

  • shpundra

    stewed vegetables with pork and beets

  • vereshaka

    pork stewed in kvass

  • fish sichenyky

    patties with stewed potatoes

  • tomato salad

    sprinkled with aromatic oil