Long-term storage meals Kulish

Kulish is the name of our project where we create long-term storage meals: for household supplies, hiking, fishing, or a simple office lunch. Apparently, you can even take it to the spaceship!

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Every meal is cooked according to the recipe of chef Yevhen Klopotenko

Long-term storage meals KulishLong-term storage meals Kulish

All our meals are already prepared. You just need to warm them up!

Long-term storage meals Kulish

There is a great variety of meals - we have borscht, kulish, and buckwheat porridge with mushrooms.

Пшениця та мясо
Гречана каша з грибами
Бограч з яловичиною

Everything tastes just like at home, like your mother cooked it.

To preserve our meals we use retort pouches. This individual packaging is unique and allows you to store and even cook food right in the pouch. This package has 5 layers. This is why it's super steady and durable. It also is really light and weighs only 10 grams. It's super convenient for everyday use.

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Long-term storage meals Kulish

We can take small orders, as well as large batches. Moreover, you can always order anything outside the menu - our team is flexible and can make anything at your request. Meet you on our website!

Long-term storage meals Kulish